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Mineral Island

Mineral Island is the smaller of the two islands in Ore City. It is mostly comprised of rural areas and is divided into two boroughs, Oxide and Copper.?


Mineral Island is located west of Genesis Island. The landscape consists of numerous bodies of water such as Copper Bay and Sulfur River. North of the island is where one would find Oxide in which a small community resides. Down south is Copper which is mostly untouched due to the city's preservation laws.?


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Oxide, Mineral

Oxide, MineralEdit

Oxide TownEdit

Oxide Town is small rural community which consists of a few buildings and a gas station. It is where one would exit from crossing Mineral Bridge and it turns into Mineral Way. This is the farthest and last station that is travelled to by the subway system.?

Copper, MineralEdit

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Copper at night

Copper consists of mostly rural areas such as a dense forest, few sand beach coastlines and as well as a river that splits in two.?

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Copper Bay

Copper BayEdit

Copper Bay is a small body of water in Copper, Mineral. It is where Sulfur River exits its streams. A dock is planned for building here.?

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Ferrum Dam


Ferrum DamEdit

Main Article: Ferrum Dam

Ferrum Dam is a facility used by Ore City for water purposes. The water is collected from Mount Sulfur's ice melts and is stored at Ferrum Reservoir.?

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Mt. Sulfur as seen near sea level.

Mount Sulfur

Main Article: Mount Sulfur

Mount Sulfur is the tallest and only mountain in Ore City. It was used during the building boom for its abundance of resources. It was later preserved and protected as a natural landmark and tourist destination.?

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Rock Tunnel

Rock Tunnel

Rock Tunnel is a small tunnel which was dug out from a small hill near Ferrum Reservoir during the building boom. The tunnel served as a shelter for miners during that time but was later converted to a tunnel as well as a tourist spot.