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Genesis Island

Genesis Island or more commonly refered to as "downtown" is the larger of the two islands in Ore City. It is mostly comprised of highrise and official city buildings.


Early settlers came to the island in the late 1650, they began to make a permanent settlement at the island which is later named "Genesis." The island was named Genesis because it was the island which formed Ore City. After about a century later, life was prosperous in the city but there was a need innovation and changes. More and more people are immigrating to the island which occupies space. The leaders at the time decided to inhabit the island next to Genesis named Mineral Island. The first miners and explorers to settle at Mineral soon found out that the latter portion of the land is inhabitable but profitable. The miners found the island was full of resources such as sulfur and coal. The resourcse contributed to the great "building boom" of the 17th century. Numerous buildings are being made and completed over the course of a 100 years in Genesis.


Genesis is mosly comprised of highrise buildings due to the building boom.

Genesis TowerEdit

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Genesis Tower

Genesis Tower was erected during the building boom. It was the second building to be completed first, the first being City Hall. Genesis Tower has is the tallest building in all of Ore City, even towering over Mount Sulfur at over 175 blocks high. The building in modern times serves as an office building managing most of the city's papers. The main post office center is also located inside.

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Ore City Hall

Ore City HallEdit

Ore City Hall is the location where the Mayor of Ore City is seated. The city hall is the official center point of Ore City, it manages and controls the city.

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Ore Park

[[Ore Park]]

Ore Public Park is a recreational location in the middle of Genesis Island. ? It was made to maintain a balance between nature and man made surroundings. The park was built around Genesis Lake which serves as a swimming grounds and kayaking. Numerous chickens are also found along the park's interiors. The park extends onto Seaside Boulevard.

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Seaside Boulevard

Seaside BoulevardEdit

Seaside Boulevard is the longest road in terms of length in Ore City (not counting Mineral Way). It is situated along the coastline of Ore City (hence the name). A small portion of Ore Park is also adjacent to Seaside Blvd.

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Condemned Building

Condemned BuildingEdit

The Condemned Building (as the locals call it) is an abandoned building set for demolision due to it's foreclosure. It is uknown whether or not the building will be demolished because it was set for more than 10 years ago and nothing happened since then.

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Hydrogen Road

Hydrogen Road is the oldest road known in Ore City. It was built during the start of Ore City's settlement. The road is adjacent to Ore Park and extends to Genesis Beach.