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Destroy the Diamond Comet or Diamond Comet is a 2010 puzzle-adventure map for Minecraft. The map follows the story of an unamed scientist that is trapped in his facility and is on his quest to destroy a diamond comet. Since it's release, the map has garnered over 60,000 downloads and still growing.

Synopsis Edit

"You are a scientist who found that a comet, a diamond comet is going to crash into earth! A group of brave astronauts made a plan to blow up the comet by planting explosives on it, but they met an undesirable fate. Meanwhile a group of rich people are opposed to the idea of blowing up the comet, saying that the diamond from the comet will make them fortunes! So, it's up to you to save earth from the comet!"

- Destroy the Diamond Comet Story


On August 2011, map creator Munchable901 announced a sequel to Destroy the Diamond Comet, cleverly named Destroy the Diamond Comet 2 but was later changed to Diamond Comet II.